Special Olympics Minnesota poly hockey is played 6 vs 6 where there are two offensive players, two defensive players, one center and one goalie. The offense and defensive players must stay on their side of the court and the center is the only player allowed to travel on both sides of the court.

Three 9-minute periods with the first two being running time and third period is stop time. Overtime consists of a 3-minute stop-time period, and is sudden death. If the game is still tied after overtime, the game shall be decided by a best of three shootout.

Clock Stoppage – anytime the official stops the play (timeout, injury, goal scored, penalty or infraction).

Puck Placement – at the six and 3-minute marks of a period, the clock with stop and substitutions are allowed at this time. During these times the puck will stay in the zone it was in for the next face-off after substitutions.

  • Puck out of Play – play does not stop when the puck leaves the court. The referee will drop/toss a puck to the nearest point it went out and play will resume
  • Puck Movement – the puck may be advanced by either a player’s stick or a player’s feed. However, no goal can be scored by a player deliberately kicking the puck into the net.

Face-offs – the referee will place the puck on the face-off circle and play will start at the sound of the whistle.

  • Player Placement – when there is a face-off at center court, forwards will line up on the offensive side of the center line. All players not involved in the face-off must be approximately 3 meters from the circle.
  • Goalkeeper Trap – when a goalkeeper traps or freezes the puck play will resume at the nearest face-off circle.
  • Defensive Infraction – the face-off will take place at the nearest circle.
  • Offensive Infraction – the face-off will take place at the opposite end of the court.