•           Sticks – blade and shaft must be a two-piece plastic stick. Ice hockey sticks are not allowed.  Blades are not allowed to be taped

•              Goalkeeper Sticks – may have a wood shaft but blade must be plastic. A goalie is allowed to have their blade taped.

•              Center Sticks – a center’s stick must be striped with contrasting tape to indicate the center. The blade can also be taped. No other player’s stick may have this tape.

•              Curving Sticks – athletes may curve the blade of their sticks, but the amount of curvature cannot exceed the width of a dime.

•              Puck – Hard plastic/vinyl pucks.

•              Helmets and Pads – all athletes must wear hockey helmets. Optional equipment includes

shin guards, elbow pads, mouth guards, knee pads, gloves and protective cups. All players must have a number on the back of their jersey.

•              Goals – Poly Hockey goals shall not be larger than 1.5 meters (5ft.) by 1.2 meters (4ft.).

•              Goalkeeper Equipment – Must wear a face mask with helmet and a throat protector at all times.

•              Optional equipment includes catching glove, shin pads, blocking pad, mouth guard and protective cup.

•              Excessive shin pads and blocking pads are not allowed. No modifications to enhance    

the size of the blocking surface.

•              Illegal Equipment – subject to examination at any time. Illegal equipment will be held by the competition committee until the end of competition.